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Are you interested in commercial properties?

If you’re buying a commercial real estate, either a vacant land, or a building, hiring my professional commercial real estate services will help you with the entire details to help you make a better and well-informed decision. You need to understand that each commercial property has its own specific documents and addendums specific to the property. Ensuring that everything is correctly signed and that your interests and rights are protected are the things that I can do for you. Any major mistakes that can possibly happen when you handle the deal yourself will be eliminated. Unless you decide not to continue the deal, I can help you in terminating the purchase as well as the sales agreement if needed. There are a lot of different rules, laws to protect the seller and buyer, as well as finance restrictions involved in a commercial real estate transaction and by hiring my professional services, you’ll be guided throughout the process accordingly.

If you’re selling a commercial property, not hiring my professional commercial real estate service could mean a great different between sitting on market for months and selling the property in an instant. Selling a commercial property typically takes much longer time as compared to residential properties, but there’s much more money at stake and I will help you find the perfect buyer that’s financially capable and willing to completely the entire transaction with you. Hiring my professional services will allow you the benefit of wide networking with possibly hundreds of other realtors across the city. In this way, your commercial property will be in front of a lot of buyers, which would mean a faster sale. There are only a few residential realtors qualified to becoming a commercial realtor, and becoming a licensed commercial realtor means he is trained and knowledgeable for commercial real estate transactions. I have various forms and certificates and have taken separate education to ensure my clients a guaranteed buying and selling of commercial properties.

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